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The Cancer Survivors Club


The Cancer Survivors Club

This inspirational book brings together first-hand accounts of ordinary people who have beaten cancer. They are old and young, their diagnoses common and rare, their courses of treatment long and short, but all are survivors. In these honest, unflinching and deeply personal stories, they write about the most difficult times in their lives, telling us how they found a strength and determination that they never knew they possessed; and they speak of the support they received from their families, friends, doctors and nurses – the importance of which cannot be overestimated.

Included in this book are a number of Chris Geiger’s cheerful newspaper columns, which include a humorous account of a prostate examination and the joys of getting sunburnt on a crowded beach.

The Cancer Survivors Club is a truly inspirational book. It’s a collection of uplifting and assuring survival stories. The stories were submitted by readers in response to his regular newspaper columns and the worldwide publication of his ‘Guinness World Record’ article.


Inspirational READ

The main purpose of The Cancer Survivors Club is to provide cancer sufferers, their families and friends with inspiration, strength and encouragement by reading the stories within this book. Chris Geiger’s hope is anyone affected by cancer will use this book to focus their attention, making it their goal to survive and then share their story in future editions. The other objectives are to raise much needed public awareness on the importance of early diagnosis.

Ultimately Chris wants to encourage members of 'The Cancer Survivors Club' to act as ambassadors, by using their experience to support and inspire other people who are currently receiving treatment; until they to become survivors.

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Chris Geiger

Chris Geiger had to endure almost two years of cancer treatment, which included a number of operations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, before he was finally in remission.


He won the ‘Columnist of the Year’ award, beating paid professional journalists, for his light-hearted newspaper columns, publicising the disease and cancer issues.


Other projects to raise awareness include writing a newspaper feature on World Cancer Day, in which he received a Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Published Newspaper Article’; other challenges include running the London Marathon.


Chris wrote The Cancer Survivors Club to inspire and encourage everyone touched by cancer. In his spare time, Chris is continuing his research into the myths and merits of complementary and alternative cancer treatments. Having located almost 2,000 alleged 'cancer cures', he is exploring if these so-called 'Miracle Cures' really do work, or whether desperate, vulnerable cancer patients are simply being taken advantage of by those wanting to make a quick financial gain.


In addition to supporting cancer patients, his other hobbies include writing, sailing, visiting bakeries and watching The Great British Bake Off. He has become an accomplished baker himself, inspired by his desire to avoid the numerous artificial additives and preservatives found in our food. He uses a methodical scientific approach to develop unusual experimental flavour combinations, to create healthy naturally leavened organic breads and Viennoiseries.

Chris is constantly striving to fulfil a number of personal goals. These include, sailing the Vendee Globe 2020 race, making an investigate documentary seeking evidence, if any, of the ‘Miracle Cures’ he's found really do work. Other programme projects include meeting and empowering cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment and investigating why a number of small remote communities never get cancer. He also has several fun ambitions, like taking part in 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!’, and having dinner with Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia. Finally, he'd love to sit on the panel of ‘Would I Lie To You’, Extra Slice and meet Keira Knightly!

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Award Winning

Chris won the prestigious ‘Columnist of the Year’ award, beating paid professional journalists, for his light-hearted and informative newspaper columns, publicising the disease and cancer issues.

Chris Geiger winning the Newspaper Columnist of the Year award.


World Record

Other projects to inspire cancer patients, include writing a newspaper feature on World Cancer Day, in which Chris received a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Published Newspaper Article’.

Radio panels

Chris regularly appears on radio panels, discussing his own battle with cancer. He is often invited to talk at regional support groups, sharing his experiences in his unique, humorous and inspiring manner!

Chris Geiger BBC Radio Cancer Interviews