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The Cancer Survivors Club

Cancer In

A New Social Network For Cancer Patients Launched

October 10, 2012.


‘Cancer In’ – A Social Network for anyone touched by cancer.



Bristol, UK. October, 2012 ---- Author of The Cancer Survivors Club, Chris Geiger announces the launch of a new website,

The new community website will enable anyone touched by cancer to connect with survivors. It allows users to search, connect and then communicate privately with other members, based on their cancer type, age and location.

Chris Geiger said I’m really excited about the launch of this website. Since the release of ‘The Cancer Survivors Club’ book, I’ve received an almost constant stream of emails from cancer patient’s asking about various treatments, advice or asking to speak with survivors with a similar cancer to themselves.”

Cancer patients and their family and friends, want to hear firsthand accounts from real survivors about how they overcame the disease. When first diagnosed with cancer, many people feel shocked, alone and even embarrassed.

I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. I had an amazing supportive family and network of friends. However at times I still felt isolated and naturally very worried.” Chris Geiger said.

The ‘Cancer In website will ultimately provide a safe private haven, where cancer survivors can use their experience to help, support and inspire those recently diagnosed or receiving cancer treatment. The website provides members with the ability to search, connect and communicate - offering firsthand advice and knowledge. Chris Geiger’s hope is this will become a vital free online resource for those affected by cancer.

“I wanted to read real stories from other cancer patients who had fought the same cancer as me and survived.” Chris Geiger said. “This was my original inspiration behind writing ‘The Cancer Survivors Club’ book.  But now with the internet evolving, the ‘Cancer In website is the next natural progression in my personal campaign to help anyone dealing with the disease.

Unfortunately cancer affects everyone; worldwide there are around 12.7 million new cases diagnosed each year. Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer.

Many cancer patients and those around them find the grueling treatments very hard to cope with, they often feel very alone and isolated. Connecting cancer patients with survivors has been a frequent request since The Cancer Survivors Club book was published.

Experienced cancer survivors and medical professionals can register, and instantly help, encourage and support those affected by the disease. Members can find, connect and share interesting and inspirational information which helps patients and those around them during and after their treatment.

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What Others Say

  • " An inspiring insight into how these brave 'Survivors' and their families coped with this vile disease. Reading this made me feel humbled by their tremendous courage (and sometimes comical approach) to their condition and treatment. It fills a huge gap by describing treatments and side effects that will help many future 'Victims' and their families. This book should be read by anyone who feels afraid of the word "Cancer". It puts everything into perspective. "
  • " From the moment that dreaded word is said to you, the frantic search begins for 'the bright side', the success stories, the stats that show, 'yes, we can fight this'. This book is a frank and human collection of stories from people who have, quite simply, kicked its sorry butt out of their lives. They haven't kicked it with miracle cures or divine intervention, but straight forward determination, the glorious NHS at its best and a sprinkling of humour. This book should be available on prescription for anyone who has had the diagnosis everyone dreads. It is practical, no nonsense, and should be in every doctor's waiting room. If you know anyone who is in sheer turmoil right now, facing chemo, radiotherapy, or in remission, GET THIS BOOK FOR THEM NOW!!!! Well done to the author and especially well done to the contributors "
  • " This is a very inspirational book that I know will help cancer sufferers and their families and carers who read it. The book shows what the power of a positive mental attitude can achieve when faced with this awful disease. "
  • " What a fantastic inspirational book giving hope to people and their families who is dealing with cancer, there are some amazing heart warming stories to read the book is a must,I would really recommend the book. "
  • " This book is so uplifting, it is so nice to read a book that contain stories about everyday people, it will help anyone who is going through cancer treatment and also those who have finished and also families I would def reccomend reading it. "
  • " This is a very inspirational and uplifting book which will help so many people diagnosed with cancer, giving everyone hope and understanding. You will read about the courage and determination of people with success stories which they have shared with you, to help you. A must read for people newly diagnosed and their family and friends. Excellent book. "
  • " Inspirational read and a very detailed account of a personal experience that will give hope to a great many people who either have cancer or have close friends or relatives who do."